The Living Expression of Sacred Art

Tulku Gold jewels—like the name they embody— represent the rebirth of spirit into a new form. They are tools to remind us of our divine nature which is unbounded by time or space. 

The Tulku Gold jewelry lines are designed by Karla Refojo and created by Newar master goldsmiths in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The 24k gold amulets are hand crafted with devotion by a Buddhist priest—consciously infused with the power inherent in tradtions where there is no separation between pure spirituality and the act of creation.
Through wearing these amulets, that power supports, inspires, and protects us on our Path.

Our mission at Tulku is to keep the ancient Himalayan artistic and spiritual traditions alive through sharing them with the Western world.

A percentage from every sale goes towards supporting Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, whose purpose is to safeguard the extraordinary architectural and cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley, and to The Tibet Artisan Initiative in Lhasa whose mission is to help preserve Tibetan culture through empowering and supporting its traditional artists.

To learn more visit tibetcraft.com and kvptnepal.org

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